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Being a Grown-Up.

Or trying to, at least.

My parents are out of town this week for their 25th wedding anniversary, leaving me in charge of the pets (two dogs and four cats) and my independent-minded teenage sister.  I am not terribly used to being in charge, since, until he gallivanted off to California, the duty usually fell to my older brother.  I think I’ve only ever been “in charge” for very short periods of time, and certainly never for a whole week.  Needless to say, I’ve been worried (I am a champion worrier), and things did not get off to the most auspicious start today.

Woke up at 5:48, a whole half-hour later than I intended to.  Angrily dragged myself out of bed and went to shower, though not before dumping some food in the dish for the cats.  The dogs would have to wait to go outside until I had showered.

Showered.  Dressed.  Took the dogs out; hyperactive and must-be-supervised Pepper first, then calm and does-well-for-herself Grace.  Quietly cursed myself out for this whole while, by the way.  Probably said “fuck” more times within half an hour than in the last week.

Ate breakfast and did computer things while still feeling completely idiotic and incompetent. (I get like this a lot.)  Tried waking up Sister, to no avail.  Let Pepper out again, in case she needed to do something after having breakfast.  Cleaned up overnight mess in the back porch/dog room.  Cleaned out cats’ litter boxes.  Tried waking up Sister again, to no avail, again, though this time she actually spoke to me.

Dried hair.  Got things together for work.  Lay down again for a little bit.  Was going to doze for five more minutes when I realized I’d forgotten to make a sandwich for lunch.  Made sandwich, got Sister out of bed.  Drove to work, left car with Sister.  (My car is currently experiencing a case of bad brakes and ungettable parts at the moment, so we are sharing a vehicle at the moment.  To put it more appropriately, Sister is occasionally letting me drive “her” car.)

Work.  Continued to feel bad for myself, also felt incredibly sleepy.  Woke myself up a bit with some chocolate from the kitchen and a Coke.  Mom called cell phone; we chatted for a little bit.  Paychecks arrived; I texted Sister to come get so I could deposit mine and Mom’s. (I work at the same doctor’s office she does.)

Sister arrived.  We figured out a route, and she commenced complaining about how one tank of gas was not nearly enough to get the two of us through the week.  I finally opened my wallet and gave her $5 I’d been holding onto for movie money.  And then, when I deposited my check, I pulled out $20 and gave that to her for gas money.  (She didn’t even say thank you. The prim and proper and polite part of me was quietly outraged, but I am honestly not all that surprised.)

Ate lunch.  Called Mom, talked a bit more.

On a whim, I checked up on my financial aid status at school for the upcoming year, only to find out, with a shock, that my FAFSA is being reprocessed for some reason.  Cue freakout.  A bit more research on the FinAid site reveals why this thing is happening, but the terrifying possibility remains that I will have to pay the school $4k+ in two weeks.

Worked more.

Went home.  Ate a microwave pizza for dinner, and proceeded to dump one very hot piece on  my lap, ruining any hope I had of wearing these jeans again tomorrow.

Took dogs out.  Pepper proceeded to run all over the place; Grace ended up going out twice for some reason.  Fed the cats.

Poked around the internet.  Which is basically what I am still doing.

I’m not sure I’m going to be so good at this Grown-Up thing.


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