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The snow falls silently from the sky. Maybe that is why I prefer it: it does not keep you awake at night. It falls like feathers from the sky, night or day, and when you wake in the morning the world looks fresh and clean and new. The sun can be hidden in the clouds and still everything looks brighter, for the light is not hoarded away by the trees and the grass and the asphalt on the road. Everything is covered in white, and everything is made new again and interesting to look at, in a way it wasn’t when things were merely cold and gray.

The snow falls silently, though the wind howls about the eaves, and when I wake in the morning I will see the world outside my window made new in white.



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One of the things I am starting to like about Wednesdays now is that I don’t have to worry about what I’m specifically going to write because I have a preset format that I can follow and it can be about anything and everything, which is certainly what I find so appealing about it. I don’t have to worry about being interesting about one thing for a few hundred words when I can just be interesting about several things for one hundred words apiece. It’s a relaxing exercise, and it’s helped me relieve some stress about these entries.


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So I finally settled on a way to fix the problem I was having regarding my film-watching goals for the year: I have decided to insert movies into my daily routine, alongside reading, writing, blogging, and exercising. My efforts on all those fronts have been by and large successful, so I figure if I’ve got a daily checklist glaring down at me, I might well be more inclined to make sure that I do whatever it is every day. I’m only two days into my efforts, so it’s too soon to say if it’s actually working, but I’ve got my fingers crossed. Certainly since I’ve only missed a couple of days for each of my activities, it’s safe to assume that this is an effective way to get things done. I will keep you posted on how things turn out.

I actually don’t know what else I’m supposed to write about here. I was going to try and make a post about my solving the movie problem, but I seem to have sorted that in the space of paragraph. I still feel compelled to go on for a few hundred words more, so that this post isn’t more than a mere courtesy driven by my five posts per week goal, set at the beginning of the year (the only one I seem to be making good time with, alas). I suppose it may be that all of my problems with goal keeping will be solved with calendars tacked up around my bedroom, waiting to be filled with rainbow stripes of checkmarks or Xs or whatever I decide for each month. I am currently using Xs, but I might switch things up from month to month, to keep the calendars looking pretty if nothing else.

But I’ve got high hopes. Things have started at least halfway well this month, and while there are eleven left, if I keep on at a good pace with everything I might be able to get quite a few things done this year. I will keep you all updated on that front, I suppose.


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Only two shows to cover today, since Once Upon a Time is on a brief hiatus thanks to the SAGs and the Super Bowl.


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There are times when I simply don’t know what to write about. Doctor Who served me pretty well yesterday, but I don’t want to just talk about the same thing over and over again; I would rather change things up occasionally and keep things fresh or whatever.

I already mentioned how I don’t like the winter because it means my skin is always dry (and I’m too lazy to use lotion anywhere else but my hands). It doesn’t matter what kind of soap I use, if the water is cold or warm or in between, here in the last few days, every time I wash my hands, they come out dry and itchy and uncomfortable. And I do use lotion, but even that doesn’t seem to serve, and I am rather loath to use it so often that I run out (and besides that, I don’t like the greasy feeling it gives my hands after repeated use). I don’t mind the winter cold, so much, but I do mind the dryness of the air indoors, with the heat running at all hours to fulfill one of those basic human needs outlined by Thoreau: food, water, shelter, fuel. (In this case it’s the fuel bit.) But yes, I am a bit over dry skin by now, which is a bit of a problem when one considers that it’s going to be cold here for another couple of months at least. Speaking of frustrating things.

Apparently it iced overnight. The world is frosted and frozen over, or at least it was when I glanced out a window. I don’t mind the winter weather so much, mostly because I never go out in it if I can help it. I remember last year, driving home from work while it was snowing or sleeting or something and had been for a while, driving slowly because I didn’t care to crash and raging, as always, at the jerks who thought I was going too slowly. (I rage at these jerks all the time. I always desperately wish for them to get pulled over, so I can drive by at the proper speed and laugh at them.)

I don’t mind the ice. Just so long as I don’t have to go out in it today. (And to be honest, I would have preferred snow. It’s prettier.)


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I suppose this is another one of those days, where I really haven’t got a clue what to write about. But I am here, writing something anyway, because I made a deal with myself to write more often, and hell if I skip an unscheduled day, right? Right.

Doctor Who is coming back on March 30, which is definitely exciting for me. We regrettably don’t have much more news than that, but it’s still a nice piece of news to have. It’s better than the nebulous despair we were forced through last year, when the BBC didn’t announce that the show was coming back until ten freaking days beforehand. But now we’ve got a couple of months (nine weeks, actually) to get settled in and wait for more news and clips and photos and continue the rampant speculation about who or what the Doctor’s new companion is. She’s certainly a mystery, as we found out in the Christmas special, but that bit I don’t mind so much. Steven Moffat’s mysteries have always intrigued me, and I have no doubt that he’ll deliver once again.

There are other reasons to be excited as well–the other episodes in the second half of this series are being penned by Moffat’s Sherlock cohorts Mark Gatiss and Stephen Thompson, as well as Neil Cross (the creator of the acclaimed Luther, which I’ve yet to actually watch, though I’m thinking I should), and none other than Neil Gaiman, who wrote Series 6’s beloved episode “The Doctor’s Wife.” So I’m good and excited for all of that, though I will own to some reservations about Thompson, who wrote last series’ so-so “The Curse of the Black Spot.” I’ve got my fingers crossed that his episode this time around is more akin to his fantastic Sherlock episode “The Reichenbach Fall.” (And dear god, please let it be nothing like his utterly uncomfortable, “Yellow Peril”-tinged Sherlock episode “The Blind Banker.”)

And then on top of all this, there’s the mile-high anticipation for the 50th anniversary special, which is supposed to start filming sometime in April, according to some rumors, and according to other rumors is only going to be an hour long. Which is disappointing (though it kind of makes sense when you realize the BBC hosted the freaking Olympics last year), but rumors are rumors and we probably won’t know anything until months on, at least. There is of course all kinds of speculation about who’s going to be in the special, particularly since Doctor Who has made a habit of celebrating its anniversaries with multiple Doctor team-ups. There are plenty of people absolutely convinced that David Tennant (the Tenth Doctor) is going to be in it, despite his recent claims that he knew nothing.

I will take pains to point out, however, that Moffat himself said in a recent interview with his son (here on YouTube) that he was still working on the script. Filming doesn’t start until April, if the rumors are true, which makes sense enough consider that the third series of Moffat’s other show, Sherlock, is supposed to begin around March. While it’s possible that people like Tennant and Christopher Eccleston (the Ninth Doctor) might have already been contacted with a “can you clear your schedule” type message, they are probably sworn to secrecy in that regard, so I feel like speculation is meaningless at this point. Since we’ll have new episodes to tide us over here soon, I don’t mind waiting for set pictures (assuming the special isn’t filmed entirely in studio) to get confirmation about who is and isn’t going to be in it.

(I will take a moment here to allow myself to complain about the fact that we might just be getting an hour long special. The Five Doctors was 90 minutes, apparently, and of course The Three Doctors comes out to about that long when you string all the episodes together. And then, of course, I cannot help but think about the fact that the Tenth Doctor’s send-off, The End of Time, comes out to two and a half hours when you put the two episodes together, and when I think about how utterly ridiculous and melodramatic those episodes were, I kind of want to break something, because I find myself thinking about what Steven Moffat could do with that kind of time and it makes me sad that we won’t get to see a long episode from him, because if his Sherlock episodes are any indication, he does just as well with 90 minutes as he does with 45 and 60.)


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So here we are again on a Wednesday morning, which I suppose is nice. I’m comfortable in my nice warm home (which isn’t actually mine, but we’ll discuss finer points later) (and by later I mean never at all). And I am here typing 100 words hoping that I will have something interesting to say by the time I get to the end of this, even though the odds are good that I will continue to be boring and of very little interest to the wide world around me. Raise your hand if this surprises you at all. (more…)

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