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This is one of those stories that I have trouble talking about, mostly because I like it so much but I can’t articulate fully what it is I like about it. Or maybe I can, since that’s what I’m about to attempt in this review. This pair of episodes does a lot of things very well, to my view, at least, so I suppose I’ll try to talk about that.

Perhaps most significantly, this episode sees the return of River Song, last seen in the Library two-parter in Series 4. We learn a lot more about her character this time around, too. The cold open starts with her femme fatale-ing her way through a spaceship to leave a message for the Doctor (cleverly intercut with the Doctor and Amy’s discovery of said message), which is rather a far cry from the university archaeologist we first met. We also learn much later on that she’s a criminal, imprisoned for the murder of a good man.

Given the benefit of hindsight, it’s easy to see how River’s character fits together, but it’s still intriguing to think about how these revelations might have looked to the average viewer in 2010, seeing these episodes for the first time. They certainly add another layer of mystery to a character already cloaked in it, which may have been frustrating to some.

These episodes also see another return, this one of Moffat’s infamous Weeping Angels. This story was compared (I believe by Moffat himself) as the Aliens to “Blink”‘s Alien, which I think is apt in more ways than one. Their abilities are expanded and their numbers increased considerably, raising the stakes for our heroes and giving us a few moments of horror to boot.

Some of these things work better than others. The Angels messing with Amy’s head doesn’t quite follow through in the same way the whole “image of an Angel” thing does, but it adds a veneer of suspense to the whole story. Robbing Amy of her one protection in a forest full of Angels makes her shaky journey to the control deck all the more nailbiting.

Which brings us to probably the most controversial thing done with the Angels in this story: we see the Angels move. In “Blink”, an unspoken rule was that the audience’s gaze held the Angels at bay as well as any character’s would—thus why Sally Sparrow is not attacked when her back is turned on them early in that episode. This time, at a crucial, climactic moment, our gaze holds no power. I know this was a dealbreaker for a lot of people. I think this moment works on a slight thematic level—at the moment when Amy Pond is helpless, we who most want her to make it through are powerless as well, giving the moment a horrifying inevitability.

One of the elements I rather adore, however, is the reveal of the Angels near the end of “Time of Angels.” The answer is delivered to us some minutes earlier, when the Doctor starts talking about the two-headed Aplans. It’s something I rather love about the way Moffat writes stories—very often he’ll leave the answers we’re looking for hidden in plain sight, ready for any keenly thinking viewer to pick up on. It’s a sign of the esteem he has for the audience’s intelligence, something greatly appreciated.

Another thing I liked was this story’s willingness to crack open (if you’ll pardon the pun) the series’ lightly hinted overall plot. The crack we first saw in young Amelia’s bedroom has been following our protagonists the last couple episodes, and here it forms a major part of “Flesh and Stone”‘s plot. While its cause remains a mystery, we do learn what the crack is: the end of the universe, time itself running out and eating away at the fabric of reality and history. Most significantly, we discover when the crack-causing explosion takes place—the day of Amy’s wedding in the present day. The episode answers questions as well as raising them, and leaves open the possibility that these cracks will have a bearing on the stories to come.

On the whole, I think these are a pair of brilliant episodes. They move along at a great pace, and accomplish a lot with both character and story.



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I just spent a couple hours reading through old blog posts (mostly Doctor Who reviews, but even so). It got me thinking about how I was supposed to start posting more on this blog this year, that everything was going to change and I was going to take control or something like that. Basically, that I was going to be a blogger again.

I think I want that to happen now.

I set my goal for 100 entries this year. I think that’s quite doable, especially if I get started on the Doctor Who reviews again. And who knows, maybe reviews of other things as well. I like to talk about media, that much is clear. Hannibal’s coming back for its third season this year, maybe I’ll write about that. (Never mind I need to catch up on the second season still.) Who knows. The possibilities are endless, of course.

I might be using this as a platform to talk about my personal life a bit more, particularly my depression. I might even talk about writing. I’ve been trying to do more of it lately, and it’s working out so-so so far. But I might as well talk about things since I’ve got this platform, even if they’re inane things that no one actually cares about!

It’s my blog and I’ll write what I want to, write what I want tooooo…

On the whole I don’t know what I’ll be doing with this. I only know that I want to do something, and I will try to make that something count. Even if no one gives a damn. Maybe especially if no one gives a damn. Because at least I care, and at least I’m trying. I suppose that’s really what this is all about—caring enough to try, and keep on going.

So expect to see more from me in the coming days and weeks. And hopefully this time, I won’t be unknowingly lying to you. Hopefully.


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